Please  complete the below form for any manintenance requests. Be sure to mention the make, model and description of the appliance (if applicable). Be specific with your instructions: e.g. The toilet is leaking! Where and when does it leak? Is it cracked? Is it leaking from the rubber seal or from a tap? Leaking bathroom sink - is it in the ensuite or main bathroom?


For urgent repairs, please contact us immediately at the rental office on 03 5329 4601, so we can rectify the problem as soon as possible. Should you require an urgent repair after business hours, please contact the number that is recorded on the voicemail, when you call 03 5329 4601.

PLEASE NOTE - An emergency is constituted as a problem that will cause harm to you or the property in which you reside. We will only respond for the following maintenance items after-hours: Fire or Flood, No Heat, Major Plumbing Leak, Roof Leak, Inoperable Toilet or other such emergencies of a similar nature.


Repair Request