Clunes is a rural town between Maryborough and Creswick, 115 kilometres north west of Melbourne. It is built in a hilly valley formed by the Creswick Creek and there are various elevated points from which the town can be viewed. Clunes is located 36 kilometres north of Ballarat and has a population of 1,656 approximately. Clunes has an impressive array of parklands, a botanic gardens and trees planted along Creswick Creek. There are golf, tennis, bowling and tennis facilities, a swimming pool, a caravan park, a showground, two hotels, several public halls and a district health service (in lieu of the hospital). There is a scenic road and lookout, north of Creswick Creek, in Esmond Park (part of Cameron’s east-west block). Clunes primary school had 129 pupils in 2014. Clunes also has a local football club in the Central Highlands Football League and has a golf course. Public transport is also available with Clunes Railway Station apart of the Mildura Line. Clunes hosts the annual 'Clunes Booktown Festival' which sees more than 60 booksellers, millions of books and 15,000 visitors and has become the largest collection of books in any regional centre of Australia. Many scenes for films and tv shows have also been filmed here, such as; Mad Max, Ned Kelly, The Mole etc. 

  • Education

    • Clunes Primary School
  • Parks

    • Clunes Bushland Reserve
  • Recreation

    • Clunes Golf Club
    • Clunes Pool