Enfield is a rural locality 21 km south of Ballarat, on the road to Rokewood. Enfield was an alluvial mining area, with timber-cutting in the Little Hard Hills to the west. The hills supplied mine props and firewood for Ballarat. In 1911 the forest was also used for eucalyptus-oil distilling, and there was fruit-growing near the village. Today, Enfield adjoins the natural beauty of the Enfield State Park approx. 4,400 hectares of delightful bushland. Volunteering in the park is a great way to contribute to conserving Victoria’s special places. Often seen with hikers, campers and nature lovers, this Park is the biggest drawcard to the area with approx. 70 minutes’ drive through to Geelong, while a quick drive to the North will have you at Napoleons Primary School and general store.

  • Parks

    • Harrison Reserve
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    • Stevens Tennis Reserve