Alfredton is a residential suburb of Ballarat west of the CBD, with a fast-growing population. The suburb has some of Ballarat's best known landmarks including the Arch of Victory, the World War 1 memorial and the longest war memorial roadside plantation in Australia. Most of urban Ballarat's subdivision for new housing estates is happening in Greenfield land to the south, north and west of the Avenue of Honour. Large estates include Alfredton Central, The Chase and Insignia. Alfredton is home to two primary schools, Alfredton Primary School and St Thomas Moore Primary School, Ballarat High School and childcare services. There is also a supermarket, butcher and other small good shops. There are also many parks and reserves for leisure activity, as well as Ballarat Golf Club, an 18 hole Championship Course.

  • Education

    • Alfredton Primary School
    • St Thomas More Primary School
  • Recreation

    • Alfredton Recreation Reserve