What are the best herbs to grow at home?

If you go to any of the major food chain suppliers you can purchase fresh herbs that are packaged in clear containers weighing in at 15g. These herbs are priced from $20 a kilogram to $40 a kilogram. Not cheap considering you can purchase a beginners herbs pack for $12.95 that will have about 1200 seeds.

Beginner Gardener Herb Pack

12 x packets of herbs

Below is a list of the type of herbs you can grow and how many seeds come with each herb from a single herb pack.

  • 1 x Thyme (150 seeds
  • 1 x Curled Parsley (150 seeds
  • 1 x Coriander 50 seeds
  • 1 x Summer Savory 100 seeds
  • 1 x Chives 100 seeds
  • 1 x Oregano 150 seeds
  • 1 x Basil 150 seeds
  • 1 x Garlic Chives 50 seeds
  • 1 x Chervil 40 seeds
  • 1 x Dill 150 seeds
  • 1 x Flat leaf parsley 150 seeds
  • 1 x Sage 20 seeds

You can choose to grow your herbs in pots or directly in the back garden.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

If you want to maintain your herb garden indoors then chives, rosemary, parsley, thyme, basil, mint and oregano are our suggestions. It is very satisfying to watch your herbs grow from the windowsill of your kitchen assuming it receives light. Or, you can choose to grow them under a grow light. The ideal scenario is to grow each herb in its own pot. This gives the herb room to grow and mature.

If you opt to grow your herbs indoors via natural light then choose a window that faces north. This is the optimal space during the cooler months of winter. Herbs that thrive in a cooler climate are mint, parsley, chervil and chives. Warmer temperatures suit rosemary, thyme, basil, and oregano.

If you purchase a full spectrum grow light then you should be able to grow any variety of herbs. Simply follow the instructions of the grow light and watch your herbs grow. If you purchase a full spectrum grow light make sure it is suitable for plants. Tell the seller what you are going to use it for or even phone a local nursery for advice.

Watering your indoor herbs

You don’t want to soggy soil. This can be fatal to your herbs. Keep the soil moist and water lightly when the soil begins to dry. Make sure the water can drain easily. You can blend your soil with regular potting soil and a cactus mix. Use a liquid fertiliser every 3 weeks to fertilise.

Best Herbs to Grow Outdoors

Outdoor herb container
Grow your outdoor herbs in a neutral to alkaline fertile well-drained soil. Preferably grow the herbs in a raised bed. Choose a space that receives the most sunlight as herbs thrive better in a sunny environment. The best growing outdoor herbs are basil, chives, mint, parsley, coriander, rosemary, sage, dill and fennel.

Growing herbs outdoors in containers.
You have probably seen herbs growing in anything from an old boot to a wheelbarrow. They look quite spectacular when they have reached maturity. Make sure your container has holes in the base so the water can drain off easily. It is really up to your imagination what container you use. If you have children involve them in this exercise. They will love it.

Cooking with herbs
There is nothing better than using produce you grew in your own garden when cooking. Herbs are easy to grow and add a lot of flavour to food. Children will get a great deal of fun from growing plants. And we all know how kids love to play in the dirt.


Posted on Monday, 18 January 2021
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