What type of blinds, curtains or window treatments should I choose for all the rooms in my home? Each room in the house is different and can be styled with window coverings to accentuate the mood of the room. We take a look at these rooms and make suggestions on the kind of coverings that will suit these spaces.

Let’s start with the main room in the house that is shared by all its occupants. The open plan living room. Most properties today are built with an open plan living and dining room. This is where all the entertaining, eating and social interactions take place. This window coverings will more than likely be the most used of all the rooms in the house.

Open Plan Living RoomVeris Shades for living room
The living room sometimes extends to an outdoor alfresco area and is usually on a corner of the home. Depending on the direction the property faces you will have 2 phases of sunlight throughout the day. Veri Shades are an excellent choice for any living room space. They give you many alternatives on how you can let the light in and block the light depending on your mood and the time of day.

Veri Shades allow you to slide the entire curtain train to the desired distance of your choice. Or, you can rotate the falling “drapes” to filter in the light.

BedroomRoller blinds bedroom
Typically the indoor curtains for a bedroom are to block out light. Rolling blinds are a good idea as they are easy to open and close. Over the rolling blind, you can add a sheer curtain. The sheer curtain can be a lighter colour to the fabric of the rolling blind. This gives the bedroom a softer feel during the day and also changes the look of the bedroom. A dark roller blind is a way to go for night time.

The majority of bathrooms are fitted with frosted glass. This prevents outsiders from looking in. But if your bathroom looks over your garden or pool and has a nice view you may want to have the standard glass fitted. If so, then you may also want some privacy when washing. You can opt for a sheer curtain or a roller blind. Or a combination of both. The sheer curtain will let in the natural light. At night you can choose to pull down the roller blinds for complete privacy.

How Blinds Can Reduce Your Bills
Before you choose your indoor window coverings talk to a curtain retailer. You might be surprised how a curtain or blind can reduce your electricity bill. Blinds can be great for absorbing light and lighter colours will help reflect the sun’s rays.

If you have outdoor blinds close your interior blinds or curtains and lower your outdoor window awning. The double layer of insulation that outdoor coverings and blinds or curtains create is the most effective combination for keeping the home cooler and reducing your energy bills. This should give you maximum relief from the heat.

Blinds help provide a barrier between your window glass and the interior of your actual home. This allows you to have the control necessary to turn the science behind glass-related temperature changes into an asset, instead of an inconvenience. In fact, blinds – when used properly – can save you up to 25% on your power costs. That’s quite a pretty penny, especially during winter and summer.


Posted on Monday, 01 February 2021
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