Luckily here in Australia, our Christmas break coincides with summer and end of year celebrations. A lot of people will head down to the beach or go on a holiday and some will prefer to stay at home. Even if you go somewhere on a holiday you may find times when you have nothing to do. Here is a list of activities you might want to engage in this summer.

    • Water Balloon Cricket – Sometimes, combining two summer activities can make for an exciting way to play outside. Just take a foam cricket bat and fill up some water balloons. Now, you can ay cricket with a splash!
    • Make a Kite – There is always something satisfying when you make your own kite and then watch it take flight. Here is a simple video that will show you how to make a simple kite.

Beach Cricket – An Australian favourite past time is playing cricket on the beach. Stand in the water and take those spectacular diving catches. All you need is a bat, ball and a wicket of your own making.

  • New Food – Why not try something that is completely different from your usual menu of food. Visit this website for some great food ideas.
  • Road Trip – Pick a spot on the map, get in your car and just drive. There are very few activities in this world that are as fun-filled and as exhilarating as going on a road trip either solo or with your family and best friends.
  • Backyard Camping – Your kids may be too small to go camping at a campsite or park, but why not start in the backyard? All you need is a small tent, some mattresses and blankets and a portable light.
  • Backyard Stargazing – Put out a few blankets and lie down in your backyard, and gaze upon the stars. Show your kids how to locate Orion’s Belt and many other stars. Or you can track the multitude of satellites and even the ISS space station that drifts across our path on a nightly basis. Simply download any number of satellite tracker Apps that are available.


outdoor camping

  • Bike Rides – A simple activity that you can do around parks with your friends. Get out in the fresh air and exercise and have fun at the same time.
  • Local Playground – Go the local playground or skate park with friends and hang out together and play on the swingsets, merry go rounds, and more.
  • DIY Sponge Balls. This is a fantastic homemade game. Buy some fun looking sponges or use what you got! Drench them in water and soap and get ready to be soaked in the hot summer fun!
  • Local Swimming Pool – Most residents are not far from a swimming pool or aquatic centre. These are generally a safe fun way to spend a day.
  • Make a video – This is up to your imagination. Just about everyone has a video recorder that records audio. Create the family video with your kid’s video and record whatever you want. Make someone the director, assign another role to a recordist and choose your actors. Watching the playback will be a lot of fun.
  • Make Tie-Dye T- Shirts – Do you have any white Tshirts you would like to breathe some life into? Why not make tye-dye T-shirts? Again, this is something that the entire family can get into and enjoy as you all try to outdo each other with your various brands of creativity. This Tie-dye video will show you in 6 steps on creating your T-shirts.
  • Run Through Sprinklers – If it’s hot then the simplest of activities can generate the most fun. All you need is water a sprinkler head attached.
  • Go 24 Hours without the Internet, Radio or Television – Good luck with this one.
  • Go to a Drive-in Movie – If you are looking for a cheap family, friends or date night, how about going to a drive-in movie? They may be more difficult to find these days, but they are a whole lot of fun when you do. Here is a great website that lists all the Drive-In theatres in Australia. A special mention to the open-air cinema at Wilsons Promontory in Victoria. You can sit in comfy bean bags and you might get a surprise when a wombat passes by.


We want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and Happy New Year.

Posted on Monday, 11 January 2021
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