If you’ve ever moved house you’ll know that changing your address with all the relevant institutions can be almost as exhausting as the move itself. And you find yourself still changing your address 12 months down the track with all those places you’re not in contact with regularly. Parcels go missing as do renewal notices. So to reduce some of the stress from the already highly stressful activity of house-moving, we’ve prepared the ultimate moving house/changing address checklist:

·        Department of Transport / Drivers Licence(s) - If your address details aren’t correct you could receive a fine.

·        Banks

·        Superannuation Funds

·        Insurance Companies - Depending on where you move to, you might even get a discount!

·        Medicare and Centrelink

·        Australia Post - The post office will re-direct your mail to your new address for a small fee. Starts at $33.25 for one month.

·        Australian Electoral Commission 

·        Australian Taxation Office 

·        Electricity & Gas Providers 

·        Phone / Internet Providers 

·        School / Daycare

·        Work Place

·        Doctor / Dentist / Vet and other regular health care providers 

·        Your Local Council - Rates, water and sewerage notices as well as pet registrations

·        Distant Family & Friends - so Grandma doesn’t send the kids’ birthday presents to the old address!

·        Membership Organisations - Including gyms, sporting clubs, community clubs, churches and rewards programs such as frequent flyers

·        Subscriptions - If you subscribe to a magazine or wine of the month club let them know your change of address or someone else will enjoy what’s meant to come to you!

·        ASIC / Accountant - If you run a work-from-home business.

Posted on Friday, 01 February 2019
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