3 Fun and Educational Activities for your Children

1. Herb Garden for Kids

Herb garden for kidsKids love nothing more than combining water and dirt. Why not introduce your child to a herb garden? There is an Australian company Gardening 4 Kids that sells a Herb Patch Kit that is specially designed for kids for just $30. Not only can they watch the herbs grow they can also eat them. Herb gardens require very little space and they smell and taste great too.

How long does it take to grow herbs?

Growing herbs from seeds take between 2 – 4 weeks to germinate. The optimal temperature for growing herbs is around 21 degrees Celcius. So starting indoors is a good idea. Once the plants mature you can move them to a bigger pot and take them outside.

Your herb Garden Kit includes –

  • 18 biodegradable pots
  • 5 packets of organic seeds – basil (Genovese), chives (garlic), coriander (slow bolt), dill and parsley (Italian)
  • 5 bamboo plant tags
  • 18 seed growing pellets
  • Planet Eco grow guide, full of information on how to use the kit and how to start planting!

These kits are also available for vegetable and flower growing.

2. Indoor Educational Activities for Boys and Girls

Boys target golf

Target golf is a simple game that improves your child’s hand to eye coordination and at the same time develop their mathematical skills.

All you need is a cardboard box, some scissors, texta, colour paper and balls. The idea is to create a series of holes or targets that have a numerical value. The value of each hole is different with the smallest hole having the highest value and the largest hole having the lowest value. You can set a target score to reach or you can have the best score from 10 shots.

Girls pom poms activities
Pom Poms Maths is regarded as a great way for your preschool child to develop counting skills. Many studies have been positive about the way this simple game can also help with the child’s motor skills.

Its simple purchase a bag of small pom poms in different shapes and sizes. Place the pom poms into a bowl and with a scooper get your child to organise the pom poms into same colours, same sizes and so on. You can also get plastic cups that match the colour of the pom poms and have you child organise the same colour pom poms into the same coloured cup.

The combination of sorting, counting and arranging pom poms is up to your imagination. They say this simple game is one of the best exercises for early childhood development.

Pool Noodle Cubby House

Pool noodle cubby house
Most families have pool noodles. These are those colourful round, long sticks that float in the water. And also they don’t hurt so much if your brother or sister hits you with one. So, if you are indoors why not create your own little cubby or playhouse from your noodles. You can buy pool noodles at Kmart for $2. They are 1.5 metres in length and come in multiple colours.

What you need to start a basic square structure are 12 pool noodles, some duck tape and an old sheet. Its that simple. However, if you want to be more creative obviously you will need more of everything.

Posted on Wednesday, 09 September 2020
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