Easy and practical do it yourself home projects

We have come up with 3 DIY projects for your home that are simple and easy. DIY is not as difficult as you think. There is a load of information on the internet which can help you practically do anything you want. But for this article, we will keep it simple and cost-effective.

So, to begin we thought the most practical idea was to create a calendar of events board.

1. Calendar Board

DIY calendar chip boardThis is quite a simple and cheap project. You only need a few items and you can create a monthly to-do list.

  • Chipboard with frame. The chipboard enables you to embed pins easily
  • Drawing pins. These can be purchased in multiple colours and are made of metal of plastic.
  • A Texta to write your project details
  • 35 blank cards about the size of a business card. Better if they are enamel coated so you can reuse them

2. Recycle Old Tablet Bottles
Redorating tablet bottles
Do you have any old pill or tablet bottles lying around in the bathroom or medicine cabinet? Why not recycle them and create a store for pins or jewellery. All you need is a little paint and some stickers or cutout pictures. Or you can use your imagination and decorate the bottle any way you like.

3. Upside Down Tomatoes
Upside down hanging tomato plants
Here is a simple and novel way of growing tomatoes. Grow them upside down! Some say you will generate more tomatoes than growing them the conventional way.

You can buy the seedlings and grow the tomatoes yourself before you transfer them to a pot. Or, you can buy a small established tomato plant for a few dollars from Bunnings.

Posted on Wednesday, 09 September 2020
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