Add Property Value With a Backyard Office Shipping Container

During COVID-19 some businesses have had to rely on employees working from home. This has led to an upsell in home office furniture and electronics as people try to replicate their work environment. Generally, a small room was allocated in the home where you could do some work effectively if you had to. Now we are seeing a strong interest in backyard offices being created. In particular shipping container offices. These type of offices have been around for a long time. Go on any major construction site and you will see a portable office. They usually look a little drab and run down.

Fast forward to the pandemic era and you will find shipping container offices that are being architecturally designed that include a bathroom and a small kitchen. Depending on your budget and needs the scope of design is limitless. You can fix the shipping container office to your plumbing and electrical outlets. Or, you can make the office portable. This is a relatively cheap way to add value to your home.

20-foot Shipping Container Office

Container home office
The 20FT container cabin is the most cost-effective portable building to transport in the world. Using a shipping container means you can transport by road, rail and ship. Shipping a 20FT container from Brisbane to Melbourne is about $540.00. To get an idea on the types of shipping container designs there are the Australian owned Container Build Group has multiple styles from granny flats, pop up shops, commercial and luxury homes. If you want to be creative you can engage an architect to design the interior to suit your needs.

Work From Home Expenses and Tax Breaks

Shipping container home officeThe Australian Tax Office offers tax breaks to employees who work from home. These can be additional running expenses such as electricity, the decline in value of equipment or furniture and phone and internet expenses. The ATO website provides information and tools for such as a Home office expenses calculator.

Building Permits For Backyard Office

Each state in Australia has there own set of rules when it comes to adding a structure on your property. Some people refer to these structures as backyard pods which are used as sheds, granny flats or offices. It can depend on the usage of the building being habitable or non-habitable. If the building is within 1m of the boundary title, a re-establishment survey is required for works along existing boundaries. It is advisable to keep 1m off the fence for ease of erection and fire rating requirements.

This is open to interpretation however, you would be wise to seek out your local council rulings and definitions as to what type of structure requires or does not require a permit.

Shipping Container Home Office Designs

Shipping container home offices

Shipping container offices

Shipping container portable home office

Shipping container home office designs

Posted on Wednesday, 07 October 2020
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